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    * THIS IS UCF *

    I've never met a UCF student I didn't like.

    Dream big and reach for the KNIGHT STARS. I'm proud and honored to meet up with a UCF student each and every day. To be accepted to the " University of Central Florida as a student is great day. My kids will go to UCF, my wife and sister are UCF Alumni, and Lord willing and the creeks don't rise I will be cheering for OUR UCF Knights way into my mid 80's at Bright House Stadium on game day.

     * Together, WE can make a difference. Together WE ARE UCF. Every day is a great day to be a UCF Knight *
    Charge On - To Victory - KFS 

Charge on - KFS

Call 407.823.1000 today for YOUR 2014 UCF Knights football season tickets.

Tell them KFS sent you.

Our UCF Knights beat the Baylor Bears 52-42 in front of 65,172 at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona as part of the 2014 Fiesta Bowl game on January 1, 2014.

Sit back and relive the moment with your UCF buddies, and watch the whole game in its entirety.

Charge on - KFS
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UCF Knights 52 Baylor Bears 42

Fiesta Bowl Champions !
UCF Knights Charge on, KFS

Fiesta Bowl Champions UCF Knights Football !

They will NEVER take away our UCF KNIGHTS FREEDOM !

Every day is a great day to be a UCF Knight !

Charge on, KFS

The KFS Show is " ON THE AIR " Thursday - Monday knights from 8:00 pm est - 11:00 pm est on


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Charge on, KFS

Nobody better than UCF Knight Fan Dr. John Hitt !
This 2014 UCF Knights Fiesta Bowl Championship is for YOU as well.
Thanks for all you do for the University of Central Florida. Charge on, KFS *

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Looking forward to some UCF Knights Softball in 2014 !
Nobody better than Broadcaster Eric Lopez and UCF Head Softball Coach Renee Gillispie

A KFS favorite. Nobody better than " Remove By Fight " rockin " Knightmare.

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